Secure Managed IT Services

Technology changes rapidly, many of today’s most common cyber-security threats didn’t exist five years ago. Plus, new technology is just beginning to disrupt a whole range of industries, keeping your systems secure is becoming ever more complex.

With 20 years of expertise supplying and supporting businesses across Hampshire with IT solutions let SourceTech keep your IT systems secure

Long ago, MSPs started with a “break-fix” model. Essentially, businesses paid a monthly retainer to keep a computer technician on standby in case of an emergency. This approach resulted in extended downtime, expired antivirus protection, outdated software, and lost opportunity.

Today, businesses contract with MSPs to monitor their technology 24/7/365, to anticipate and prevent problems, and to resolve any issues that arise.
By using Managed Services, businesses can refocus their internal resources on strategic initiatives, stay ahead of potential data leaks or downtime, and make use of a highly skilled technology team.

Key Benefits of Managed IT

  • Improved uptime through a maintenance model. The old “break-fix” approach did little to enhance uptime since the outsourced firm only came in after a problem had already occurred. Today, a Managed IT Services Provider can identify potential threats and keep a system running with maximum uptime.
  • Increased ROI and cost savings. By relying on economies of scale, businesses can cut costs using an IT Managed Services Provider. With no full-time staff to support and access to enhanced services, companies save money. Plus, the IT MSP model opens up cash flow by allowing businesses to make a budget-friendly switch from cap-ex to op-ex and by offering a predictable price.
  • Access to new technologies. More than a quarter of businesses with fewer than 50 employees said they moved to managed services for access to new technologies. An MSP’s pricing structure lets a single company enjoy up-to-date software that small businesses could never afford to buy for themselves.