Cyber Security

We offer Secure IT for all sizes of business. We cover your whole range of security needs ensuring your users and IT systems are fully protected and free from cyber threats and intrusions.

Educate your employees about cyber threats, and learn the regulations and recommendations for your industry. We can provide end user training on how to best protect against daily security issues

prevention is better
then cure

Modern IT security is a minefield if you’re not an IT Professional. It can be a minefield even if you are! Now that we are all connected to the Internet 24/7, there is a permanent and invisible cyber threat. It is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

There’s more at stake than just direct financial loss: for starters, there’s the disruption to your day to business if you need to clean-up all your computers after a cyber attack, and the embarrassment you could face, or the loss of goodwill, if you’re identified as the source of the cyber attack by your suppliers or customers.

There’s email blacklisting too. These effects can cause more damage than actual fraud. It’s far better to stop these things happening in the first place.

we offer secure it for all sizes of business

  • The most secure and cost-effective approach is indeed prevention rather than cure.
  • We work with you to ensure that your cyber protection is updated and evolving along with the threat itself.
  • We cover all your Cyber Security aspects, staff training, audits, reviews, solutions, procurement and installation. Monitoring and support of anti-spam, anti-virus, DNS protection, email filtering and security.
  • It is predictable, manageable, and leaves you free to manage your business.

Industry leading security solutions

We partner with the industry leading IT security providers to keep your business secure.

how we can help

We’re experts in the following technologies:

  • Anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Email filtering and security
  • Universal threat management (UTM)
  • Securing desktop computers or servers (endpoint management)
  • Management of updates and patches
  • Managing access rights to data and information
  • Wireless security
  • VPN and mobility
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premise systems
  • Firewalls
  • Remote monitoring and event-driven management