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We have experience and expertise in a wide range of industry leading continuity and backup solutions, supported by close vendor relationships. This ensures we deliver resilient and failsafe solutions that will protect your business from risk.

We also offer a simple and cost effective Cloud Backup service for your critical data.

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On-site data backup is still a popular and reliable strategy, best practices recommend also maintaining an off-site backup. Backing up your data to the cloud eliminates the possibility of losing everything in the event that your on-site backup gets destroyed or compromised. Cloud backups are especially appealing for their scalability and accessibility. Storage can be added on demand. Latest advancements in technology have greatly reduced the cost of data storage, although it is important to value the quality of the provider and the reliability of the service over the price.

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  • Here at SourceTech we want to help everyone who’s serious about securing their business IT Systems, regardless of the size of the business or their level of expertise.
  • Maybe you’ve recently had a close shave with data loss, or experienced disruption. Maybe your old backup solution is giving you cause for concern, and probably isn’t up to the job anymore
  • We can help you find the right solution, without it getting overly complicated or breaking the bank. You get peace of mind: we get to meet a new client!
  • The first and the most important thing you need to know about Office 365 mailboxes is that there is no native option to back them up! Need advice on backing up your 365 email, we can help

technologies we cover

  • Backup of email, data and full bare metal recovery.
  • Backups of virtualised environments.
  • Speed and verification of recovered data.
  • Backup and recovery monitoring.
  • Continuity through highly available systems, such as virtualisation.
  • Cloud, Hybrid and on premise backup and recovery solutions.

Industry leading bdr solutions

We partner with the industry leading IT Backup and Continuity solution providers
all our technicians are fully trained and accredited

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Close partnerships with industry
leading technology vendors

Means we can bring you the latest technology.

Moving to the next level

Working with you to audit and test your existing solution, followed up with recommendations for improvement.

Prevention rather than cure

Preventing data disaster in the first place, making sure you can return to operational levels within your timeframes, and preparing for the unthinkable: those so-called “Acts of God”.

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